Thing I Learned Today: Web Game Engines

by Brian Shourd on October 25, 2012

Tags: coding

I just heard about GitHub’s Game Off today, and I think that I might participate. It’s a game jam where coders have until the end of November to create a game that has something to do with Git/GitHub keywords (fork/branch/clone/push/pull). However, one of the requirements is that the game run in the browser.

That’s new territory for me.

Which is, of course, very exciting. I briefly looked into some of the options listed: Unity and Flash are both proprietary, so I’d prefer not them. Torque 3D looks really cool, but creating art for 3D games is even more work than creating it for 2D games - I think I’d prefer the latter, given a choice. That basically leaves node.js or some sort of engine built on HTML5/Javascript (a quick search yields LimeJS, CraftyJS, and ImpactJS).

I’m not sure what exactly I’ll end up doing, but I learned a lot about the current state of web-based game engines today.