Simple Doc Builder

by Brian Shourd on November 6, 2013

Tags: coding, javascript

Yesterday I built a fun script to turn simple markdown documents into simple webpages. It’s just a simple (and fragile) parser for breaking a markdown document into a title, sections, and subsections, packaging that into a JS object (with help from markdown-js), and then running it through handlebars.js. The object basically looks like:

    title: String,
    sections: [{
        title: String,
        id: String,
        body: String (HTML),
        subsections: [{
            title: String,
            subtitle: String,
            id: String,
            body: String (HTML)

This gives you enough information to, for example, construct a handy-dandy table of contents (a-la pandoc, but with a restricted set of inputs and a much more configurable output). Here’s the default table of contents template:

{{#each sections}}
<a class="toc_title" href="#{{id}}">
{{#if subsections}}
<ul class="toc_section">
    {{#each subsections}}
    <li>- <a href="#{{id}}">{{title}}</a> -</li>

The resultant code is called simple-doc-builder. Here’s an example of what it can do. It isn’t groundbreaking by any means, but it was a lot of fun to make, and it makes my simple writings look nice with no effort.