• Over 18 months on-the-job experience working on an enterprise web application
  • Fluent in C#, capable in Haskell and JavaScript
  • Over 7 years formal and self-taught coding experience
  • Able and eager to learn new languages, frameworks, paradigms, and technologies

Work Experience

Software Engineer

IMS Health

June 2014-Current

Member of the Data Services squad, responsible for the ORM layer, web API, Search system, and general backend server work for the Nexxus Marketing web application


  • Used C# to maintain and improve a large web application codebase
  • My squad introduced the TempTableLoad operation to the web API, increasing speed of large data transfers by 100% to enable ETLs
  • My squad completely refactored and rewrote legacy querying system
  • Personally engineered and spearheaded the dev blog for IMS Health's Seattle offices (http://dev.imshealth.com)
  • Co-organized Hack Week 2015 for the IMS Health Seattle office

Open-Source Projects

Particle Swarm Visualization



A visualization to play with JavaScript and html5 canvas

Tic-Tac-Toe Bots



An experiment with genetic algorithms


  • Language experience: C#, JavaScript, Haskell, some Python, C++, Java
  • Experience with functional, imperative, and object-oriented paradigms
  • Passionate about writing testable, maintainable code
  • Working knowledge of Docker, containers, and micro-services
  • Extensive Linux Background (8 years)
  • Previous work on open-source projects: http://github.com/brianshourd/


Notre Dame

  • M.S. Mathematics - 2011

Northern Colorado

  • B.S. Mathematics - 2009
  • Minor: Computer Science